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Trusting His Word, Receiving His Grace, Sharing His Love


by Gerald Paden


This is a very timely, vital theme; because in several churches things are being changed; that do not need changed. In our brotherhood there are some congregations that are introducing practices, and even doctrines that are foreign to our restoration principles. Some churches are extending fellowship to denominations, to Catholics and Protestants alike. In some churches the authority of the Scriptures is being questioned. Other churches are adding mechanical instruments of music into their worship assemblies. The Biblical theology on the new birth is being ignored in some places. Therefore, the one, unique concept of the "one body" is being ignored. Several times both Jesus and the apostles spoke of the oneness of the church, when there was only one church, with the injunction to keep it that way! Jesus mentioned the Gentiles "that are not of this fold. . . them I must bring, and there will be ONE FLOCK, ONE SHEPHERD (Jn.10:16). Paul insisted that there is only ONE BODY (Rom.12:4, 1Cor.12:12, Eph.4:4, Col.3:16). The Apostle Paul then issued this injunction to "keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" (Ephesians 4:3). Every Christian is under peace-bond one to another. Now these deviations are not only a menace to our brotherhood's identity, but they are also a threat to our fellowship with God.


Obviously the time has come that from our pulpits, and in our Bible classes, New Testament doctrine needs to be adequately explained and defended with a "THUS SAITH THE LORD." Our members, especially the young among us, need to be indoctrinated about the importance of respecting God's standards contained in His revelation. The following is a list of some of the most needed, and vital issues that must be addressed.


1). Christ must be exalted in all His divine qualities, being the object of consistent, worshipful devotion of all the redeemed, with praise that is worthy of His essence, of His cosmic sovereignty, of His essential source of "every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places," with full recognition, and acknowledgment of His redemptive functions that produce uninterrupted gratitude that flow from hearts now cleansed by the blood of His sacrifice. I John 5:20, in speaking of the divinity of Jesus, affirms: "This one is true God and eternal life."


2). A clear exposition of the Godhead must be presented and defended, explaining the separate functions, gifts and ministries of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, giving clear distinctions between "the gift" of Acts 2:38 and "the gifts" of the Holy Spirit, as He authenticated prophetic and apostolic messengers of God, revealing to them their message, and inspiring their writing of it on sacred pages, and miraculously confirming their testimony, and then providentially preserving all sacred history in the Bible. Matthew 28:19 affirms that at the baptistery all disciples are immersed into the possession of, and relationship with the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


3). The Word of God must continue to occupy a unique, center-stage position in all pulpit and class-room instruction. That involves the consistent defense of the "all-sufficient, verbally inspired, plenary, and inerrant message found on every page of the Bible, fully guaranteed, as the Holy Spirit delivered the "one-time-for-all-time truth" (Jude 3), that was communicated through Divinely appointed spokesmen, whose testimony contains all the instructions necessary to provide God's "workmen unto every good work," including material suitable for "reproof, for correction, and for instruction which is in righteousness" II Tim.3:16.


Check back later for more articles and information to be posted here.